Mostly Harmless

Total Knock-Out

Ozzy was off making a telephone call, once he returns, we all pile into the car. I notice that Yzys has rejoined us, but there is no sign of PHG and Wong. We take off in the car to Northridge. Ozzy tells us on the car ride over that the lightning girl from the toy crazyness was the the Commander. The Commander wants to be in contact with Devlin. Then hearing the name Devlin, he appears in the car. If we do not follow what the Cernal says, Starshine and I would be halled in for the draft. We inform Yzys of the mission involving the Stone and how it changes your allignment. On the car ride over, the engine starts to die out and we pull over and stop the car to prevent more damage. The group decides to walk toward Northridge campus. The cats dart off 50 feet from the group so no extra attention was brought to us.

As we come to the corner, some man runs right into Ozzy looking terrified. we round the corner and see a man just wisteling and asked us if we saw anyone pass us. He continues along and we walk. All of a sudden I drop in pain as the symbol shines. The pain subsides and we hear a scream from behind us. I start to run forward but the pain is less, so we start to run back and run into the man with the backpack. Qyxin heads his mind and finds out that he has two minds and let’s Ozzy know of this. He opens his backpack and I fall forward on the ground in pain, whatever it is, its in the backpack. <combat> After a strike to the back of the leg from Yzys he goes down in one strike. Starshine runs over to the man and tries to start bandaging the man. We notice he had a rabbits foot in his hand. Ozzy TKs the rabbits foot back into the backpack and TKs the backpack to himself. After he closes the backpack, my arm starts to feel much better. Ozzy calls the Cernal and can’t get a gerenee of a clean up for the man with the backpack, but he can’t right now unless we all go with the Cernal. Starshine (with the encouragement of Qyxin) opens the backpack and empties the contents of the pack. I fell unconsience.

Ozzy puts everything back into the pack and zip it back up. Qyxin takes off (to go make smelling salts to wake me up), Ozzy is trying to make me wake up, and Starshine makes trashcans appear to hide the body from the street. As time passses, I move Ozzy and Starshine around the corner to try to get away from the body, but getting 10 feet away from the illusion, it diappears. They start arguing how to handle the deactivation of the items in the backpack. We find an empty ally way and I stand at the enterence of said allyway. Starshine, Ozzy, and the commander are going down further in the ally. The slinky, rabbits foot, glass eye go back into the backpack. Ozzy picks up the box and TKs the rock into the box. After gaining his wits about him, he reaches into the box, grabs the rock and sings the words to deactivate the rock, “Momma was a rolling stone.” After those words were said, nothing happened. The mark and the pain in my arm were still there. Either just him alone was not enough to deactivate the rock, or this isnt the rock we are looking for. They go and open the pack again to try to see if there are any other items in the void. Due to the pain, I go uunconscience. Without warning, Qyxin dives right into the pack. Ozzy reaches in to find the commander or the stone. After digging around, the glass eye embeded into Ozzys arm and went up to his head, now having a third eye on his forhead. The slinky started to rap around Qyxin. Ozzy reaches in again and grabs Qyxin and starts to pulling him out, but he is attached to the slinky that is rapped around Qyxin. Yzys starts to communicate with the slinky and make a deal to have the slinky guide us to the rock in return for his freedom.

Starshine wakes me up and I find that there was a rabbits foot next to me and I pet it thinking it was Yzys. I threw it away because of the pain and asked Starshine to put it back into the backpack. At that point a statue almost falls on me, it only lands on my leg, which I was able to get out from underneth. Ozzy was hit by a car at the sametime as the statue. Without knowing about the eye, I run over to Ozzy to make sure hes ok, and the guy that hit Ozzy passed out because of the third eye. Then I fell down in pain because of the eye. Then a sink hole formed under us and we all run away from it, saving the guy that hit Ozzy. As I run away there was an old man that asked me what was going on and why we were dealing with these magic items. Starshine took off with the possestion and the backpack. We found out what Devlin is and that this person can change parts of the deals with Devlin, but can not break them. He is the one that changed the baby to triplets. After some talking, we find out that we might have to kill Starshine to get the spirit out. We leave the library and end up back in the allyway. Once we close the door, its gone, leaving the wall that was behind it. We see a ball of white light heading toward us. Also Devlin was called to see if there is a way to free Starshine from being posessed. The rabbits foot is not in the allyway anymore. Devlin takes back the eye from Ozzy and offeres in balance to remove the mark from me and return it to Ozzy, or to let us know if Starshine is posessed. Ozzy chose to find out if Starshine is posessed. To turn off the rabbits foot, you have to hop on two feet, holding the foot, singing “Here comes petter cotten tail” the whole song. With the box, what was in the box. can become good or evil, either a Troll or a Fairy. Depending on what it becomes, the deactivation code changes. As he leaves, he left is womanservent. so Ozzy asked Devlin back and had him take her with him.

Right as Devlin left, an Earthquake hits the area and the party was able to dodge all the rubble from the buildings. Starshine threatens to shoot me if I found the rabbits foot, thus making it unlucky for me to find the rabbits foot. Qyxin sees a cat having the rabbits foot in its mouth. He TKs it out if her mouth as Yzys purrrs next to her, opening her mouth. Ozzy has it in his hands hopping, singing the Petter Cotten Tail song. On his last hop, he trips and finds a diamond ring. I fell over because of the pain and land on a needle. and a glass pain landed on Starshine. We now have me hold the rabbits foot and Ozzy still hopps and sings the song. Ozzy fell and scrapped his elbow. Starshine transformed into a black image of death. With both Ozzy and I hopping and singing the song, it turns off the rabbits foot, but with Starshine in his now form he went up the wall to get away from us so it doesn’t kill us. Devlin came back to collect the rabbits foot and to watch and admire Starshines dark side.

Once Starshine returned back to his normal form, we started to head to the Northridge campus to find the Chem Lab, which was the last known location of the rock. I was hit on my two of the college girls, Starshine had one, but the winner was Yzys & Qyxin. The girls went crazy for them, offering them food and affection, and their loving it.

Once More, with Screaming

It starts off with a fumble. Yzys, minus cat-like grace and footing, falls through the ductwork and lands on PHG as she teleports out to Wong in the vehicle outside. With his claws stuck in her, she teleports the three of them, accidentally, to some beautiful tropical island location. In a way, this is good, because there are alcoholic drinks a-plenty at said exotic locale. This is also bad, because this is the most fortunate thing to happen this night for any members of the group.
The screaming had stopped back at the toy store, but this itself was not a good thing. Some unknown flying super had been throwing lightning bolts around, which knocked out the news camera and the civilians— a good and a bad thing.
Then the lightning bolts started focusing on the toys, also good and bad, since our group was being swarmed by killer toys at this point and the lightning destroyed the original bear, which let whatever malevolent force animating it jump to another nearby, and unknown, host. There was a lot of toys around— stuffed bears and other animals were growing claws and teeth, GI Joes were shooting and physically attacking, Barbies were… shudders …exploring. And there were a lot of unconscious and innocent bodies on the ground.
Starshine did one of the bravest and stupidest things he could’ve done, also a good and bad thing. He dropped his spaceship illusion, landed on the ground in his light form and challenged the toys to attack him. Said toys obliged him, apparently loving challenges, and swarmed him. He had toys climbing over one another and climbing on him and trying to take a piece of him. Fortunately, Starshine is resistant to at least some physical damage, which was good as it was the only thing that saved his life at the time from the swarm of killer toys. It did not, however, save him from Spelunking Barbie, which shall not be discussed again in this narrative. Still, this was not the worst thing that happened and he appeared relatively unscathed when all was said and done. He even managed to laser more than a few of the toys out of existence. Most importantly, he managed to get all of the possessed toys’ attention off of the unconscious people laying all about.
Makoto lends a hand, almost literally, during the fight, using his elastic abilities to kick and punch toys at a distance. But it’s when he tries to pull the new evil bear off of Ozzy’s back that the damned thing turns its attention to him and nearly severs his hand. And when a new wave of toys appears at the store exit, trying to make its way out to join the fracas, Makoto directs Dan to throw one of his ice walls up to stop it and then proceeds to try to kick toys out of Starshine’s cluster.
Dan iced up once things started going south and was doing his best to iceball the toys off his teammates and nearly got the icewall up to block the swarm exiting the store, but lost his footing and missed. Sadly, this probably would have prevented the next part of the disaster to happen, as the unknown super blasted the door the toys were swarming at in an effort to stop them or contain them. Dan did manage to throw an icewall up around Ozzy later, protecting him once he had his hands on the new evil bear.
Qyxin tried helping with the evil bear originally, telekinetically bringing it towards him at the vehicle, but that plan was 86’ed when the Lightning super fried it and he Stretch Armstrong holding onto it. He then used his TK to fly himself over to the unknown super, nearly getting hit by lightning for his troubles. Having enough of her interference, he went invisible and attacked her from behind. This devastating attack knocked her out, or maybe it was the fall to the ground. Regardless, it did leave her in range of the new evil bear, which had been flung in that direction mere seconds before. Flesh-tearing sounds ensued.
After trying to lift the original bear to Starshine and then taken by Qyxin only to have it destroyed by lightning, Ozzy started to TK-fling toys in the direction of the flying super. This was temporarily curtailed by a bear climbing up and then trying to burrow into his back. If not for Makoto’s intervention, it just might have. The two of them manage to pull it out whilst taking damage themselves, and Ozzy flung this one towards the unknown super as well, noticing after the fact that the pain from Devlin’s mark lessened as he did so. He misses trying to TK-grab it again and then ended up pulling it out of the now unconscious super on the ground. As he moves it towards the van, Devlin pops in for a little mental chit-chat and exchanges the deactivation phrase for the answer to a question. Ozzy brings the toy to himself and utters the phrase in the protection of Dan’s Ice blocks, and all the toys fall down, their mystical strings cut.
Devlin appears to take possession of the bear, but Ozzy asks until the morning at least before being sent on the next errand, as the injured need tending and rest is needed. The worst of the injuries were healed, at least enough to prevent death, except in the case of a single adult, possibly killed by the lightning strike at the store exit. The unknown super is not recognized, but an emblem on her uniform is that of the Colonel’s division— a talk that is not being looked forward to.
Over the course of the night, Devlin appears to Makoto, Starshine and Ozzy. Makoto makes another deal, taking onto himself the physical pain that the mark brings Ozzy. Ozzy gets praised for the “good job” the previous night and again asks to be left alone until morning to recuperate. Starshine does the unthinkable— he invites Devlin to breakfast.
The Carnies are less than thrilled with the breakfast guest, Margarite and Grandfather even more so, having to be dragged away by the Carnies. Devlin takes the time to explain the details on Makoto’s new deal and how even he isn’t sure of what effects were caused by the splitting of the mark between Ozzy and Makoto. He also provides information on the next item to retrieve— a “balancing rock” that changes the alignment of anyone who touches it.
After he leaves, Makoto and Ozzy go to have a conversation with Margarite and Grandfather, figuring they at least need to be kept in the loop as to what’s going on and why, their rationalization for working for Devlin (threats against the carnival, the items need to be contained), things that have been discussed with Devlin (trying to figure out his motives and intentions) and also trying to figure out what the rules are that Devlin follows.

How Many Arms Am I Holding Up?

Pregame – some Dreams ensued.

The day began as normal – the group woke up to Animal screaming – in this case something about being duct-taped to his cot. The group didn’t think this was worth any special attention, but it did work as an effective alarm clock to get people up.

Upon waking Ozzy noticed something unusual – his lost arm was back. It seemed, in every way he could determine, to genuinely be completely normal. A lively discussion ensued about the mysterious regrowth, culminating with Animal suggesting we cut it off to see if would regrow a second time. It was decided that rather than take this approach, a visit to the Doc might be a better idea. The troupe set off on its merry way to Doc’s trailer and were joined along the way by the cats.

Upon seeing Ozzy’s new arm they began examining it, both on a genetic level and a more visceral level (we don’t think their examinations will leave any permanent scars). After some examination they proclaimed it was his and the group continued on its merry way to Doc.

Upon arrival at the trailer, Ozzy makes use of his new arm to deliver a firm knock on the door (much to the dissatisfaction of the cat hanging on his arm) to summon Doc. Opening the door, Doc takes one look at Ozzy, blinks a bit owlishly and, with the observational skills we’ve come to expect of someone of his qualifications, declares something looks different about Ozzy. As the cheerful band was explaining to the Doc that the difference was in fact the addition of a new arm, Grandfather approached and began questioning the group about any ‘deals’ they may have made. At first the group is mystified, having no idea what he is talking about, but eventually it dawns on Makoto that Grandfather may be referring to a man Makoto met in a dream. Asking to speak to Grandfather alone to discuss the matter Makoto was firmly rebuffed by Grandfather who insisted that Makoto speak immediately. What ensued was a tale about a deal made by Makoto in a dream, which in turn prompts Starshine and then Ozzy to realize they had similar dreams and to let Grandfather know. A similarity of deals indicates the man from their dreams is looking for the girls – and apparently wants to keep them safe.

Grandfather explains of his daughters past run in with the man in the dream and their belief that he is an evil being looking for corporeality and that by dealing with him, their souls may be in jeopardy. Grandfather immediately calls the carnival members together and warns them that the evil man is back – no others admit to having made deals.

After the meeting breaks up, a Monk arrives at the carnival accompanied by a girl with purple hair – Grandfather invites them both to have tea. Meanwhile one of the cats is up to his usual hijinx, requesting blood samples and taking them by force or guile of refused.

Breakfast time.

Breakfast is interrupted briefly with <woman’s name="true"> coming after Ozzy with a gun for making a deal – Makoto manages to disrupt the shot by hitting her arm. As a fight is about to ensue, both the police and military show up – apparently unconcerned with the gunshot – and take both Ozzy and Makoto into custody to question them. Roughly 45 minutes later Makoto returns to inform the group that the military has taken Ozzy. The cats head off after Ozzy.

After breakfast the dream man – now introduced as Devlin – appears to bargain with Starshine again resulting in a conversation (which Dan and Makoto manage to overhear and eventually join) that seems to alternately annoy (because Starshine refuses to make a deal) and gratify (because Starshine still tells him everything he knows) Devlin. Devlin eventually leaves.


Meanwhile, Ozzy, the cats, and the police go to the Snake house where they investigate the Bunker. After the investigation they take Ozzy back to the fairgrounds.

Once again the group is reunited and goes to speak to Grandfather, once their Devlin appears yet again which causes Ozzy to attack him with a telekinetically thrown knife. The knife has no affect but seems to amuse Devlin ‘- “You and Harmony will make such great kids. Wait until you make your first good kill, it will be awesome”. A cat tries to get a piece of Devlin’s hair and fails – but does manage to make himself annoying to Devlin.
Devlin offers return of souls in exchange for a return of items that were stolen from him – the first being a teddy bear that becomes sentient when taken from its owner and animates other toy, for which he offers Starshine’s soul. Wong and PHG have had enough and try to teleport away, only to end up in hell (or a semblance of). Ozzy accepts the deal and receives a mark to
detect evil in order to track the bear (with the indication he will get the choice to keep it or lose it after the item is retrieved). Devlin brings back Wonk and PHG. Devlin departs.

Ozzy tells the group that the military wants the group to capture – not kill – the woman they had previously met that regenerates. Wong offers his and PHG’s help and indicates that he can set up a telepathic link and that PHG can be “As invisible as the sky, and everywhere like starlight”, he also offers to act as a chaperone for Dan to appease Dan’s sister. Ozzy borrows a van and they head off to the home of the evil bear – Pasadena.

Lunch happens – though the bill comes paid courtesy of Devlin and includes directions to a toy store.

Arriving at the toy store the group discovers a event is happening that lets under privileged children grab a toy from the store – complete with crowds and a news crew. The search for the bear begins. Starshine distracts the crowd with his flying saucer imitation while Ozzy levitates children into the sky. Their cunning plan is suddenly interrupted when lightning shoots out of the sky and blasts the news camera, a second bolt follows hitting the ground and causing some small injury to the crowd and notably, causing a particular child to drop her teddy…

UPDATE & Subplot...Where is my stuff?

Please note that I am asking that all the Player Characters be updated using the online forms that I have made active. Also need everyone to post before next game after this weekend or your Character will be busy for the next game.

Now on with the….Where is my stuff?

He walks into the darken room and the lights come on…showing a single chair…a small bald man appears from the shadows and waits for the handsome tall dark hair man to take his’ seat.

(Bald guy) Sir…we had some issues while you were out…

Like?…says the dark hair man

(Bald guy) like some items were taken.

(Dark hair man) WHAT!!!!!

(Bald guy) it was the a disgruntle client

(Dark hair man) And how did said client get in? And an even better question how did he get away?

(Bald guy) We are looking into that sir, think he had help but other than that business has been very good. So make any deals today sir?

(Dark hair man) As a matter of fact…"yes" I did.

In another part of the world…a young girl walks down a dark street late at night…tears running down her face, she is cut and bloodied…a man steps out of the darkens and she screams. He says…please calm down I am here to help you…he hands her a box…this will make you special and help you get revenge…She looks inside and smiles, when she goes to thank him he is gone. Awhile later you hear yelling and see people running away from something…

You see the man who talked to the girl smile as he adjust a heavy sack he had on his shoulder and walks away into the late night mist…humming…I’ve got you under my skin…

Game #3

Starts off with our intrepid group of adventurers at the Carnival, recovering from their night of snakes, homicidal little kitties, and things (and people) being set on fire. Doc Jones made the silly mistake of asking Azarias what happened to the maimed and comatose Mokoto, and he explains about being terrorized by the psychotic little space cat the night before, assuming that it had attacked a third time that night. Unsurprisingly, all Azarias got for his troubles were some weird looks and maybe a little more space to himself. Azarias leaves the medical tent and is unknowingly stalked by one of the space kittens.

Meanwhile at a nearby cafe, Dan was in the grips of almost unbearable torture— his sister making wedding preparations. He got roped into being best man and giving the bride away all in one swell foop. Not that he was suffering unduly, mind you. He was able to wrangle some coffee out of the waitress with his sad my-parents-were-offed-by-some-serial-killer eyes. The goodness that is java, however, was unable to keep him from overhearing that yet another local family had been massacred.

Instead of pouncing on the unwary Azarias, Yzys asks him about Mokoto and how he is, which leads into the Evil kitty (referred to as “Evil” from this point on), his descent into normal everyday earth-life (see “madness”), how he’s allegedly building an army and how Evil’s not responsible for Mokoto’s life-threatening injury- it was the commander, Qyxin, who took a single swipe at him. (Personal Note – do not, under any circumstances, piss off the space cats)

Highlights of the rest of the evening was primarily taken over by a very inebriated Animal singing incessantly off-key about how sober he was (the Carnies showed their appreciation for his impressive musical talent by duct-taping him to a pole) and the invasion of the carnival grounds by the media. Reporter Huey Ruckmeyer had sneaked onto the grounds and was quickly set upon by Qyxin and Yzys. The cats startled him and played with him a bit, messing with his tape recorder and shredding the sleeve of his jacket with claws.

He was unfortunately rescued by Alex, the newest hippy addition to the carnival, who brought him to the food court. After being paid $20 (with a promise of $50) for the story of the plane crash near the carnival a couple of days ago, Alex went into great detail about what had happened, which he had gleaned from news reports as he was not actually there for the actual festivities. Then to top off Huey’s frustrations, the cats started on him again, taking the tape from his recorder and playing with it to the point of destruction.

Mokoto awakes fully healed in the morning only to be interrogated by Doc Jones about the previous night’s near-fatal wounding. Mokoto goes back to his tent to get a non-shredded and unbloodied change of clothes and gets flashed by Animal for his troubles.

Qyxin catches up to Mokoto at breakfast and has a silent telepathic conversation with him, explaining and apologizing for the incident the previous night. Meanwhile, Alex has a unsilent conversation with Yzys, getting some mixed reactions from the Carnies. Some even make a little more room at the breakfast area for him.

Yzys mentions to Azarias the incident with the snake-woman at the house they’d been at the previous evening and asks if they can visit and provide some assistance if need be, because in hindsight, he can’t be sure that these people weren’t just trying to protect their home from an intruder.

Azarias tracks down Animal and asks to borrow one of the Carnie vehicles to run this alleged errand of mercy. Animal gives him leave for the day and tells him to go ask Bug, the Carnie’s mechanic, for a car. Animal then questions Alex about the interview he gave Huey last night. After an earful of the amusing goings-on, Animal just walks away. Dan shows up at the carnival.

Bug gets tracked down, but finds that Azarias’s name was a little much, so she nicknames him “Ozzy” and lends him a car under the condition that Mokoto goes along with him so Animal has someone familiar to blame for any damage done to the vehicle.

Mokoto, on the other hand, is being confronted by Huey regarding the murder of his next-door neighbors (though Huey doesn’t know this last bit). Mokoto tries to run away from the painful confrontation and Huey chases and tackles him down. Unfortunately for Huey, the cats come along again and start working him and his poor tape recorder over again. Alex offers him back the $20 he was given the night before if Huey can answer some of their questions, causing Huey to shout in frustration. The group finds out that “Santros” and “LaCouteur” were the two families massacred by Charlie’s super-powered followers. Huey takes off and the cats hitch a ride with him.

After Richard reveals that the lady that attacked the Jones family at the Carnival the previous day was responsible for the massacres, he gets accosted by his sister. As they near the medical tent, a snake-girl attacks the group, paralyzing the sister. After they get her to calm a little and talk, Mia reveals she is the daughter of the snake-woman injured the previous night in the confrontation with the cats and that Doc Jones has already gone to her place to attend to her mother.

On their way to her place, Mia explains the earlier situation to Mokoto that led to his NOT getting shot, revealing her parent’s involvement in the Peace Corps and her mother’s subsequently being cursed into her current shapeshifting form, which got passed down to Mia herself in the womb. She was hit by her father and passed the blame onto an unknown passerby, who just happened to not get caught and shot by the police.

When they arrive, Mokoto chases off a surfer dude hanging around in the area and acting creepy. Doc Jones takes the borrowed Carnie vehicle to get some supplies he needs for the snake-woman’s treatment, leaving the group there. The Father explains the situation and the mother is going nuts in an underground bunker, causing the earth to shake as she batters herself against the bunker’s entrance.

Dan ices up and forms some ice around the bunker entrance, hoping to deter the mother from banging against it more. Dan then heads out front and notices surfer dude down the street, looking at a different house. Surfer Dude heads back Dan’s way and Mokoto exits the house to confront him.

Surfer Dude throws a whammy at the neighborhood, causing all but snake-girl and the acid-fortified brains of Ozzy and Alex to attack whoever’s near, seeing the people they most want to kill. Dan and Mokoto start beating each other up on the front lawn. Dad tries to shoot Mia with a shotgun but Ozzy grabs it telekinetically and hits him with a well-placed knee to the groin, leaving Dad curled up in the fetal position on the floor. Alex tries to contain snake-Mom, but she sets upon the family’s guard dogs in the back yard and starts devouring Buster. Then just as quickly as the chaos started, the afflicted suddenly collapse. Alex goes out front to check on Mokoto and Dan, and manages to get Dan up, but Mokoto is out for the count. The two of them manage to get him back inside. Mia is choked up about the half-devoured Buster and Ozzy tries to heal him, but finds that his talents don’t seem to include non-humans, which could be very bad for the space kitties. Then Mia literally gets choked up about Buster, as she eats him to not let a good meal go to wast— er, ease his suffering.

They get snake-mom moved back into the bunker and Dan freezes up the entrance with layer upon layer of ice. Of course, Doc Jones gets back to the house just then and they have to get back down into the bunker in order for him to treat Mom. Ozzy is drawn to a neighbor’s home by some kid screaming and whining about stabbing his mother during the madness. While the police are distracted by the crying kid, he examines her, heals her almost up to full and passes it off as a fleshwound that just bled a lot. The Carnies leave soon after Doc Jones finishes the treatment.

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of town, the space kitties are unwittingly brought to a shack by Huey, who’s following up on a lead. Huey knocks and is led into the shack at knifepoint by Shari Compos, one of Charlie’s followers. Shari doesn’t seem all quite there, mentally. She shares some energy with the other woman at the shack, Sonia (aka Snare), the lady from the attack on the Carnival and Dan’s family. Snare is bubbly as she focuses on Huey while Shari goes to imbibe some LSD laced sugarcubes. Shari senses the space kitties outside the open window and has a mental conversation with Yzys, telling him about Charlie’s “war to end all wars.”

Qyxin takes the opportunity whenever Shari opens her mouth to telekinetically feed her more LSD sugarcubes. Shari gets fed up with this quickly and mentally screams out “Stop!” and inadvertently charges up the space cats with energy, as well as Snare. Yzys uses all the extra energy to slice open Shari’s head to examine her brains, and she loses consciousness. Qyxin meanwhile uses his telekinesis to attempt throwing LSD sugarcubes in Snare’s mouth as well, but just misses. Snare realizes they’re under attack and attempts to make a run for it, and the space kitties follow, attack from behind and knock her out. Qyxin heads back to the shack to force-feed Shari’s unconscious form LSD sugarcubes while Yzys de-cat-itates Snare’s body and buries the head. (No really, I mean it- do not piss off the space cats).

Yzys joins Qyzin back in the shack. Huey is long gone, having run off after things started going crazy. The cats go back to Snare’s body to find it no longer there, and the buried head isn’t where it was buried either. Unable to find a scent of her body leaving, the cats head back to the shack and start using Shari’s blood to start leaving swastikas and other graffiti like at the other crime scenes all over the shack. The cats then jump back into Huey’s car and drive it back to town, parking it just a couple of blocks from Huey’s place of work. They’re spotted twice on their drive, however. The first time, the man thinks he’s seeing something. The second time, the woman starts looking all over for cameras, thinking she’s on “Candid Camera.” As the cats are about to abandon the car, they’re discovered by an old lady, who, not seeing any owners nearby, quickly adopts them and brings them home, where the space kitties find a litter of cats with altered DNA. Thinking they’ve stumbled upon Evil’s blossoming army, the space kitties try to interrogate the offspring, but aren’t able to get anything resembling intelligent thought from them, just heightened emotions and resistances. The offspring are scanned, and it’s discovered they have been moved up the evolutionary ladder a few rungs, but not enough for sentience… yet.

Back at the carnival, it’s revealed that the Family has returned from wherever it is they had gone and the Carnival is opening that night. Ozzy has been given the night off and he spends it getting to know people running the carnival. Alex ends up spending the evening with and flirting heavily with a local girl at the carnival, and he exhibits an extraordinary magnitude of self-control/stupidity as he keeps fending off her ever-increasing advances. Mokoto asks Dan to check on his family and get him info about the massacre of his neighbors. Dan, on the other hand, spends his night screaming on the carnival rides.

Yzys' Mission Log

Yzys, Lieutenant; YHG4332:
Mission Log

While continuing our evaluation of the species known as “Hu-man”, we have set up a base of operations in an entertainment facility the hu-mans call a “Karnival”. A few days ago, a powered fixed-wing craft crashed in the field near our base. While ascertaining the condition of the survivors, we had our first encounter with the species the hu-mans refer to as “mu-tent”. A brief battle ensued, and 3 of the mu-tents were subdued, but 3 escaped. One of these, a being able to convert itself to matter and teleport itself abducted one of the hu-mans the Commander has tentatively adopted, the one calling herself “Harmoney” (although we believe when the hu-mans have their litters, the dominant names their kits), strange.

While the planetary defense core performed an investigation, the Medic on duty tended to the wounds of the injured. However, one of the young hu-mans kits who assisted in subduing one of the mu-tents chose not to remain, and he and his elder kit escaped by a 4 wheeled conveyance before being questioned by the security force.

The 2 dominant hu-mans controlling their nomadic base drafted some of the young hu-mans that recently decided to sign on with the Karnival to locate the missing Harmoney, but first, the stronger kit of the dominant’s brood, along with two of the strays hu-mans went to interrogate the “teleporter”, who was captured after the second abduction of Harmoney.

*The Commander requests that I add in that another stray, a hu-man called Starscream (or something along those lines) also arrived at base.

The strong kit referred to as “Any” wants to begin her “interrogation” but is prevented from doing so by the elder medic.
The young kit now being referred to as “newbie” begins to advise the medic that due to the mu-tents ability, maintaining an unconscious state would be the best action, but is quieted by the approach of the military unit local commander.
The unit commander, beginning to suspect that there are other mu-tents within our base strongly advise the group to stay quiet, otherwise he may have to interdict our base.
He then begins questioning the other stray hu-man who speaks rather measured regarding his personal experiences with the mu-tent teleporter, but the measured one is advised by the “newbie” to stay silent.
The unit commander then wishes to take the teleporter. The group of kits attempt to plead their case for holding the teleporter here.
The elder hu-man and dominant male steps out of his metal nest, and then has the one known as “Any” perform and evaluation of the broods state.
Then Any makes “newbie” take a transport back into the hu-mans hive to retrieve one the brood that was left behind. The newbie takes Starscream, and the quiet, measured hu-man back to the hive, but as they arrive at their transport, they are surprised to see that the Commander and Myself are accompanying them to continue our investigation.

You will have to excuse me, the Commander is calling me for a debriefing.

Mission Log: Pause.
(I apologize for the lateness of this, a few folks know I lost a close friend suddenly this past Sunday, so between helping out with the family, and working out my own grief, things were put to the side, so just wanted you all to know..)

In Town:
Group arrives in town
Arrives to area where Animal is “hanging out”
Sunshine starts loading groceries
Azarias: checks out warehouse where Harmony originally was being held
Animal: starts choking Makoto (because he left with the truck), wants to know why Makoto bailed on him
Animal and Alex drive back to the carnival, Mokoto decides to walk back
Qyxin and Yzys question Azarias about possible locations Teleporter may have taken Harmony
Cats ride back to carnival with Azarias, listening to Jimi Hendrix
Alex gets the breakdown on the “triplets” from the other members of the carnival

On Way Back To Carnival:
Mokoto: gets accosted by girl who needs help lifting hope chest onto shelf in garage (chest smells like rotting corpse)

At Carnival:
Alex and Azarias begin the process of becoming members of the “family”
Grandfather: Kenzo Kai, Margaret: “triplets” mother
Aazrias: thanks Shirese for the “missing time” tells her it helped his friend (drug addict)
Azariah attempts TK on Qyxin, Qyxin uses imporved TK on Azariah
Introduced to the Roustabouts
Azariah gets introduced to Penny (former nurse)
Mokto, wounded by police gets intercepted by cats barreling into carnival

At Carnival:
Harmony is brought back from Paris (where Teleporter has taken her to “protect” her)
Shirese "wipes Yzys mind after Yzys attaces both she and annie after they nearly come to blows
In the girls trailer, Annie and Yzys finally fight to a draw, both miss each other
Mokot almost gets killed being a showoff and allowing Annie to punch his leg at full force
Azariah attempts to heal the damage
Yzys retrieves Harmony, Harmony heals Mokoto
Mokoto explains his walk back from town, hoe the girl accused him of attacking her, and he is subsequently arrested, and frees himself, getting shot in the process.
Harmony/Azarias head for dinner, with Qyxin in tow
Mokoto and Annie also head for dinner with Yzys close behind
Margaret approaches both men, pistol in hand, and warns both to stay away from daughters
Thaddius speaks: money loss, plane crash, issues in town with violent death of Dan’s parents, show will still go on.
Harmony: asks about Dan’s family
Harmony: presses Alex about his “dark aura”
Annie: explains to Mokoto about Harmony’s “aura”
Argument within the players and party causes Harmony to “Bliss Out” the group.
Qyxin and Yzys get the munchies and begin to snarf on the chicken.
Starting to make a connection between the escaped killer and event s around town
Q & Y agree to help in the investigation
Mokoto agrees to drive to location of home where girl asks him to assist with hope chest

In Town (surburbs)
At home, Q & Y scout around property, looking for entrance
Alex, Mokoto, Azariah slowly circle the property
Yzys warns Mokoto to have an excuse for being in the neighborhood in case police show up.
Qyxin uses TK to ring doorbell and gain access to home
Q & Y investigate upstairs part of home via walking on the ceiling
While in home investigating upper floor bedrooms, Q&Y are discovers and are attacked by mother who transforms into 20ft boa constrictor
In Home: before retreating, Q strikes boa and forces her to bite herself

In Field Behind Home:
Mokoto, Alex, Azarias in field behind home
Mokoto and Alex talking
Azarias spotted cat in Orchard with similar collar to Q & Y
Azarias attempts contact, cat attacks and sets Alex and Mokoto on fire
Enemy cat also tells Azarias “I won’t forget, nor will I forgive”
After group meets up and before heading back to carnival, Azariah tells Q & Y about the rogue cat, Q & Y immediately scout area, find scent but no trace of cat
Both Q & Y become very agitated of finding out what rogue cat mentioned to Azariah

On Way Back To Carnival:
Communication between party regarding rogue cat
Cat attacks van, uses fireball to blow out passenger side tire, then sets interior on fire
Party barely escapes before flammables in van catch
Q & Y begin tracking cat, Q used TK to levitate beyond highest branch of tree where rogue cat was last seen
Rogue cat rises up and flies off into darkness
Party begins walking back to carnival while Azarias stays with van to explain to authorities what happened.
While walking back Q & Y telepathically begin discussing plans to dispose of rogue cat
Mokoto continues to press Q & Y about what exactly is going on and why are they keeping party in dark when he is attacked by Q (who is upset of the issue of a fellow Felina turning on it’s own)
Azarias, walking back to carnival is brought to the unconscious form of Mokoto and attempts to stabilize him while other members of the party retrieve a vehicle to bring Mokoto to the carnival

Back at Carnival:
Mokoto is attended to by Penny and Doc Jones
Alex talks with Thaddius
finds out Key Family (triplets) are gone
Alex attempts to explain to Thaddius the rogue cat attack and Q attacking Mokoto
Alex is sent into town to put up flyers announcing Carnival will resume

there is a family of potential mutants in town
the killer that escaped is still in the area
The key family has disappeared and there are no current answers as to their departure, nor an ETA to their return
We have another Felina that has marked the group as an enemy.

6/16 Subplot...I'm alive...

The pain of dieing is never fun for most but I have learn to embrace the pain…I know it makes me special Charlie knew the war was coming and got us all ready for it by providing some of us with special powers…He told me I was to live forever and never let the fight or family die.
It was easy to get the one who can teleport help my true husband Blackbird survie the airplane crash he wanted me…I let him think he could have me in time we could of used him in the family and per Charlie our true father we need to ensure Helter Skelter happens and they know why…They think they can put Charlie on trial…they will see his’ power thru me and the others.

Now I must find other like me..also find other family…think Simi Valley Sherri lives nearby, she’s family she’ll help…then make these strangers who took my husband pay. Charlie will not be happy about that but once me and the others in the family free him and “rise up” I will be forgiven.

Game Notes 6/16

A lone van travels along an open stretch of road. At the wheel is a man lost in thought. He wonders if his friend made it back in better shape than he did from the war or conflict as some like to refer to it as. His friend is in Simi Valley with his family and the only news about him is not good. The driver looks for a place to park and rest after such a long drive. After a few minutes a local police officer wakes him and informs him that this is not a place to camp and he should move along. This occurs a couple more times with the last officer mentioning that he should drive another 60 miles west to Oxnard. Tired and frustrated the man gets the hint and heads west as instructed. While heading to Oxnard the driver spots an empty field. He continues on to Oxnard to find a place to sleep. In the morning on the way back to Simi Valley he spots the same field but now there is a couple of large tents and some amusement rides. The driver arrives at his friends house and is greeted by his friends mother. She is happy to see him but is very sad about the condition of her son who is sitting in the living room staring off into space. She mentions that her son has been using some medicine that was given to him from a friend. After several minutes of attempting to talk to his friend it seems that the only time he responds is when there is mention of the carnival. This seems to bring his friend out of his stupor and it is decided that maybe going there would be a good idea to go.

When Makoto gets to the dinner table his family starts singing Happy Birthday to him. Makoto remembers that it is his 18th birthday and is overjoyed for a while until he remembers that it means that there is still a conflict going on in south east Asia and that he may get forced to have to join the military. He hides his concern so as to not upset his mother and spends the rest of the day enjoying their company. As night falls he is sitting on his bed trying to decide what he should do. If he stays he will be shipped off to a war or he could run and hopefully disappear. Either way he would not see his family again for a long time but by running he knows he would be alive to see them again someday. With a backpack loaded with clothes he jumps out his bedroom window and heads down the street. At the corner a light comes on and shines right in his face. A police officer questions Makoto if he has been drinking. Makoto responds that he has not and that he is not old enough to be drinking. The officer ignores Makoto’s answer and states that he will take him down to the station so he can sleep it off. Makoto realizes that if this happens the officer will contact his parents and that will lead to him being shipped off. With all the strength a teenager can muster Makoto jumps the fence behind him and runs for all he is worth. The officer jumps back into his car and the sounds of the engine trying to start is the sound Makoto hears fading off into the distance as he continues to run as fast and as far as his legs will carry him. After a few hours he spots an orchard and thinks that it would be a good place to hide. As he reaches the trees he spots a police car travelling along the road and decides to climb up the tree to hide. Makoto watches the car disappear into the distance and continues to watch until he falls asleep.
Dan awakes to the sound of his mother telling him to get ready for school or he is going to miss the bus. He grabs his lunch and heads out the door and down the street to the bus stop. Derek Brown is there also waiting for the bus and as Dan approaches Derek turns and starts making comments about Dan. The two exchange verbal quips until Derek realizes that Dan is not reacting with the level of fear that he wanted. Derek punches Dan and knocks him to the ground and as Dan is getting up the bus arrives. Dan brushes himself off and boards the bus with the other children.

Azarias arrives at the carnival with his friend. At least being here his friend seems almost normal and as they walk around his friend starts asking if there is any work available. The two are told to go talk to the man in the black trailer just behind them. As they enter there is a woman there as well who greets them and asks them why they are there and what it is that they want. After a short conversation Azarias finds himself falling asleep and awakes in the car travelling back to Simi with his friend driving and neither can remember how they got there.

Dan arrives home after a typical day at school and as he enters the house he spots his older sister and her boyfriend Billy. Dan is happy to see his sister but quickly decides not to ask why she brought the trash with her. Dan’s mother states that his dad and her are heading out of town for the weekend and that his sister will be in charge until they get back. His sister asks if she can go to the carnival this weekend, and maybe take her boyfriend. Dan’s Mother replies “Only if you take Dan with you”. The sister looks at Dan and then her boyfriend and agrees.

Makoto is awoken by a sudden shaking of the tree he is sleeping in as he falls to the ground. Anarchy is standing there asking him why he is there. With as much of an innocent look as he can muster Makoto states that he was only sleeping. Anarchy looks at him for a few seconds and then shrugs and leaves.

Azarias’s friend realizes that he should not be the one driving and pulls the car over to the side of the road suddenly and exits the car and opens the back door and lays down in the back of the car and goes to sleep. Azarias slides over to the driver’s seat and takes over with the driving. Azarias decides that it might be a good idea to take his friend to the VA hospital because of the drugs that he has been using.

Makoto collects himself and thinks that the girl who woke him is rather cute and starts trying to catch up to her. As he moves towards her a black cat intercepts him. Makoto tries to move around the feline but when he does the cat attacks and shreds one of his pants legs. Makoto retreats a few feet and tries to move the other way. The cat responds with matching his movement. Makoto realizes that it might be a good idea to retreat and move around the cat from a greater distance. The cat does not follow him and Makoto is able to get to the other side of the carnival with at least part of his pants intact.

Azarias finally gets to the VA hospital and drops his friend off for observation. With his friend now in a safe location Azarias decides that it would be a good idea to drop off the car at his friends house and get his van.

As Makoto is looking around the game side of the carnival he encounters another girl who though dressed differently is strikingly similar to the girl who woke him earlier. Chaos asks if he is looking for work to which Makoto responds that he is. She looks at him and asks if he has any talents that could be useful. Makoto thinks for a few seconds and then grabs a part of his forearm and stretches it about a foot. Chaos then leads him to a man and introduces him as Doctor Jones. After Chaos explains that Makoto is a new addition the doctor states that he will need a blood sample for examination. After the blood is drawn Chaos leads Makoto out of the trailer and begins introducing him to the rest of the "family. During one of the introductions another girl approaches who is identical to Chaos but is not the one that Makoto met earlier. She introduces herself as Harmony and welcomes him to the carnival. The first thing that Makoto notices is that she also has a black cat with her and it is looking at him like it wants to finish the job the other one started.

Though not family by birth or marriage the members of the carnival consider each other family and are protective of each other like a family would be. New family members join from time to time and if a couple of them decide to leave to have a normal life there is a party to celebrate it. Each of these new couples receives a gift from “Father” to help them begin their new life. No one is ever upset from this tradition and all the family members express their hopes for the new couple in their venture.

Dan is waiting at the entrance to the carnival looking at the rides when his sister approaches him and places an all day pass into his hand. She firmly states that he is to go into the carnival and have fun and that she and Billy will be at the car. Dan looks at the pass and then his sister, he shrugs and heads into the carnival.

Azarias retrieves his van and heads back to the carnival to get an answer to what happened earlier. He enters the carnival and is wandering around for a few minutes when he encounters Harmony. After a short conversation he is informed that the person he met earlier must have been her sister Chaos and that she has a knack for persuading people that there must be somewhere else that they need to be at. Azarias discusses his unique ability with Harmony as they walk around the carnival. As they are walking Azarias see’s Harmony look at a teenage boy and express that the frustration he is feeling is normal for one of his age. They continue walking around the carnival with Harmony greeting all the people that she passes near and eventually they arrive at the food court. Harmony leaves to go get some food and drinks. Azarias waits for her to return and as Harmony sits down Azarias starts to move closer to her. A threatening hissing sound is heard as a black cat jumps down between them. The cat nuzzles close to Harmony and looks at Azarias with an expression that is surely reserved for those that cats deem in need of a serious clawing. Harmony pets the cat while Azarias collects himself and continues his conversation about his past and his abilities.

The screams and cheering of carnival life is interrupted by the sounds of a plane that is obviously not where it should be. The sound gets louder as the carnival sounds slowly fade away as people turn to look towards the road. The pilot of the plane is frantically trying to keep the plane steady while praying that he can get the plane to the ground safely. Unfortunately the pilot is wrong on both things, the plane impacts the ground and starts breaking apart. People at the carnival begin screaming and moving away from the crash. What was once a scene of joy and entertainment has changed to one of fear and the need to escape.
At the crash a person stands up and slowly looks around. The military gear on the bodies around him makes a smile come to his face. He thinks to himself that perhaps another location would be a good choice. A lone guard struggles to get to his feet and notices the man that is smiling just before he vanishes with a quiet pop of air. The guard looks around at the wreckage and shakes his head to clear the fuzziness. He notices a couple of the other prisoners as they make their way towards the orchards. At the same time he realizes the sharp pain in list left arm, he glances over to notice that it has been dislocated at the shoulder. With a wince he pops it back into place and ignores the pain. He can worry about pain later, for now he knows that there are crewmen to attend to and prisoners to apprehend. The guard does a quick count of the bodies around him, eleven, that is the entire crew of the aircraft. He tries to recall what happened before the crash but cannot quite focus on it. Anarchy arrives and begins lifting debris off of the crewmen she can find. Azarias begins moving through the wreckage checking vitals on the people he can find. Dan notices several fires that have begun burning and that one fire is making its way towards the orchard. Makoto spots Anarchy and quickly checks to see if that blasted cat is anywhere around. Seeing that it is not here he runs over to help her. A prisoner gets up from the center of the wreckage and begins running up the road. A pair of small black shapes quickly move to intercept him. His break towards freedom is cut short as he is tripped and he suddenly feels an immense amount of pain in his left leg. He is still screaming in pain as the guard walks over and places a device on him. Dan moves quickly using his ice abilities to douse the fires and prevents the orchard from catching fire. As he finishes he can hear his sister calling out for him with a frantic scream. Dan runs quickly towards the rides side of the carnival to change back to normal form before answering his sisters calls.

A lone figure stands before a small open safe in the main trailer. He quietly thinks to himself that this was his lucky day as he grabs several bundles of cash from the safe and once again there is a small pop of air as he disappears.

In the morning after the fires are out and the police have secured the crash site and moved everything away the leader of the carnival calls a meeting at his trailer. All eyes are on the leader of the carnival as he addresses the family. He explains that someone had broken into the trailer and stolen over 50,000 dollars which puts the carnival in a very bad situation as that money was to be used to help the carnival survive through the winter months when attendance is low. No one notices the two black cats moving through the trailer looking for clues. One of them recognizes the scent left behind as that of the jumper that was from the plane crash. Harmony seems surprised to the voice that speaks to her and explains what was found and who it was. She looks at one of the cats with an expression of wonder and happiness as the conversation that only she can hear continues. She turns to the leader of the carnival and explains that she knows who took the money but there is no way to track the person. The couple that received a going away present earlier that night look at each other and in unison express their wishes to return the gift they had received. The leader as well as several others refuse to take it and impress upon them that they are beginning a new life away from the carnival and everyone again wishes them luck on their new life away from the hidden society that the carnival has become.

The day passes with the carnival people spending the day cleaning up after last night’s tragedy. Our would be heroes go through the day as normally as possible with a few returning home to their normal lives and the others staying at the carnival to help out the best they can.

Dan awakes later that night to his sister quietly waking him and telling him to keep quiet. She is telling him that they need to get to the bomb shelter as quickly and quietly as possible. Without protest or asking questions Dan does as instructed and quietly moves through the house towards the back yard.

Morning finally comes with Dan seeing that his sister is still clutching him close. Dan manages to slip free of her grip. He makes his way to the back of the house. In the kitchen Dan finds his mother face down and naked. Dan turns his mother over and sees that her face has been completely removed. Dan heads towards the living room and hears the television still on. He sees the word PIGS is written in blood on the wall. Dan notices his father sitting in the chair facing away from him towards the TV. Dan calls out to his father but there is no response. Just as he is about to reach out to his father he is grabbed by his sister and she leads him out of the house to the neighbors. Once there they explain what happened to the neighbor and call the police. With the neighbor comforting his crying sister Dan looks back towards what was once home. His face is expressionless except for the slightest hint of anger. Dan felt cold, but this cold was far more than just the early morning chill. This was a cold that spoke of death.

Harmony questions the cats about where they are from and if they are a higher power that has come to earth. The cats exchange looks of amusement and X begins to explain where they are from. This prompts a scolding from Q. X feels guilty about revealing too much information but before he can say anything else Harmony uses her ability to put him into an euphoric state.
Dan is at home trying to get information from one of the military personnel that is there regarding his parents and what kind of animal killed them. The soldier only replies with ordering him to back away from the area. Social services shows up to pick up Dan and his sister. Billy finds them before the social worker does and puts them into his car and drives away. Billy drops them off at a diner for some breakfast and states that he needs to leave for work. After he leaves a guy shows up with a paper bag. He places it on the table in front of Dan and without a word turns and leaves. Dan and his sister look in the bag and see stacks of cash. Unbeknownst to them it is the money taken from the carnival.

Azarias is wandering around the carnival trying to make sense of all that has happened and sees Harmony. He asks how she is doing and she answers that she is alright but wants to speak with the sheriff about what happened and who those people were on the plane since it seems one of them was the person that stole their money. Anarchy passes by them looking a little more angry then normal and states that she is heading into town to get some answers. The two cats look at each other and proceed to follow her.

As Anarchy and the cats reach the outskirts of town a truck skids by them driven by Animal with Makoto in the passenger seat. Anarchy ducks down a side alley and runs into Azarias. Azarias states that Harmony has been kidnapped. Both cats begin trying to track Harmony while Azarias is trying to explain to Anarchy how Harmony disappeared without losing any body parts. Q and X hear Harmony’s voice in a building and inform Anarchy and Azarias. The cats make their way around the side of the building and up the fire escape while Anarchy kicks a door off its hinges. Q finds Harmony handcuffed to a floor radiator pipe and uses his claws to slice through the links of the handcuffs. After a few swipes the handcuffs break apart. Harmony states that she feels that the carnival is in danger. Dan arrives at the building as they are exiting and see the truck that Animal was driving. Q and X jump into the front and start the truck while Makoto climbs into the passenger seat and the others jump into the back. With Q driving the truck and X trying to find a good song on the radio they arrive back at the carnival quickly as the one police officer they got spotted by decided that trying to fill out a report of a cat driving a truck was simply too much trouble. The group exits the truck and decide that checking the place out is the best course of action. Makoto and Q head to the main tent while X begins scouting the perimeter. Dan starts towards the mess area while Azarias starts trying to locate family members about what is going on. With the main trailer found empty Makoto and Q head towards the next one. X continues his search and hears crying from the doctors trailer. Dan is searching the perimeter in the other direction and after finding nothing heads towards the trailer area. Makoto while exiting the next trailer hears a pop behind him. He turns and sees the Jumper and immediately binds the Jumper’s hands and feet. The Jumper tries to escape but fails and burns out his jump power. Q arrives and begins questioning the Jumper about his objective and what they are after. X finds the male and female fugitives in the doctors trailer. The male is torturing the doctor and his wife while the female holds he twin newborns. X quickly notifies Q of what is going on. Dan arrives at the doctor’s trailer and spots the female fugitive and blasts her with his ice jet. At the same time Q comes over the top of the trailer and see’s the female and uses his ranged ability to smack her legs in an attempt to drop her to the ground. The male fugitive exits the trailer and looks at the female. He turns and walks away stating that she is on her own now. Dan gets off another shot at the female and impales her to the trailer. As the male is leaving he sees Azarias, Azarias rushes to attack and is frozen in place by the man. The man pulls out a knife and approaches Azarias. Q attempts to trip the man while X closes range to make a claw attack. A few feet from the man X freezes in place but his forward momentum allows his claws to reach and do some minor damage. This causes the man to react and instead of cutting through Azarias’s throat only causes a minor cut. Makoto realizing that there is nothing he can do about that heads around the doctor’s trailer to see what is going on. Makoto sees the man trying to get back to his feet and attack Azarias so he extends his foot and tries to trip the man with success and the man once again sees only dirt. With the knife he was holding now dropped to the side Q uses his ability to grab the knife and stab the man. The group decides to scatter before the military arrives to retrieve the one fugitive that was caught.

So the group is left to wonder about several things.
Who are these people and what did the military want with them?
How did the female survive and where did she go?
Who killed Dan’s parents?
Will the group join the carnival to help them get back on their feet?

'Hear ye, Hear ye!'

…the Carnival is coming to town… Step Right Up! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages—this is the Key’s Carnival which means it is time for merrymaking and feasting …we have rides and games for all and two great freak shows…one for the faint of heart showing beautiful and wondrous things of dreams and the other for those who are brave and want to experience the thrills of life and death by seeing “science gone wrong” exhibits…..
We have been on the road for most of my life but it has been a good life and has allowed me to keep my family together. Being a teen mom without a husband was hard but my father believed me and what happen after all he has heard and saw some things that others would question. I am happy we are back in California, not the New Mexico wasn’t profitable but sooo hot and dry I thought I would die. However, here in California, the money is normally better and the temperature is livable. So now to Ventura county, mostly farm land here and there but some of the towns are starting to grown and need entertainment and that is how we make our money…put on a show stay for awhile and get out of town before questions are asked…that is the only way for us to live.

In the beginning ....
The start of something….

So, what brings someone like you to a place like this?” it was an honest question—it wasn’t exactly normal for someone to be standing all by himself at the carnival wearing an expensive suit and a pair of sunglasses.

He didn’t give Margaret an immediate response but gave this wicked smile as if telling her that he didn’t have time to talk to children. Margaret wasn’t a child, though, she had turned fifteen over eight months ago, plus, the man didn’t seem to be any older than eighteen.

After a sip from her soda, the mysterious man answered, “I’m a demon here to prey on unsuspecting children as custom on Halloween night.” He spoke in a condescending tone as if speaking with a small child. “Didn’t you know?” Margaret grinned and decided to play along, “So, Mr. Demon, having any luck?”

“Plenty, I’m like honey to a hive of bees. I just seem to naturally attract them.” The man’s sinister grin widened.
….That was a few years back and what happen between Margaret and the man is only one of many adventures…stories yet to be told.
Carnival 2Freaks


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