Mostly Harmless

Once More, with Screaming

It starts off with a fumble. Yzys, minus cat-like grace and footing, falls through the ductwork and lands on PHG as she teleports out to Wong in the vehicle outside. With his claws stuck in her, she teleports the three of them, accidentally, to some beautiful tropical island location. In a way, this is good, because there are alcoholic drinks a-plenty at said exotic locale. This is also bad, because this is the most fortunate thing to happen this night for any members of the group.
The screaming had stopped back at the toy store, but this itself was not a good thing. Some unknown flying super had been throwing lightning bolts around, which knocked out the news camera and the civilians— a good and a bad thing.
Then the lightning bolts started focusing on the toys, also good and bad, since our group was being swarmed by killer toys at this point and the lightning destroyed the original bear, which let whatever malevolent force animating it jump to another nearby, and unknown, host. There was a lot of toys around— stuffed bears and other animals were growing claws and teeth, GI Joes were shooting and physically attacking, Barbies were… shudders …exploring. And there were a lot of unconscious and innocent bodies on the ground.
Starshine did one of the bravest and stupidest things he could’ve done, also a good and bad thing. He dropped his spaceship illusion, landed on the ground in his light form and challenged the toys to attack him. Said toys obliged him, apparently loving challenges, and swarmed him. He had toys climbing over one another and climbing on him and trying to take a piece of him. Fortunately, Starshine is resistant to at least some physical damage, which was good as it was the only thing that saved his life at the time from the swarm of killer toys. It did not, however, save him from Spelunking Barbie, which shall not be discussed again in this narrative. Still, this was not the worst thing that happened and he appeared relatively unscathed when all was said and done. He even managed to laser more than a few of the toys out of existence. Most importantly, he managed to get all of the possessed toys’ attention off of the unconscious people laying all about.
Makoto lends a hand, almost literally, during the fight, using his elastic abilities to kick and punch toys at a distance. But it’s when he tries to pull the new evil bear off of Ozzy’s back that the damned thing turns its attention to him and nearly severs his hand. And when a new wave of toys appears at the store exit, trying to make its way out to join the fracas, Makoto directs Dan to throw one of his ice walls up to stop it and then proceeds to try to kick toys out of Starshine’s cluster.
Dan iced up once things started going south and was doing his best to iceball the toys off his teammates and nearly got the icewall up to block the swarm exiting the store, but lost his footing and missed. Sadly, this probably would have prevented the next part of the disaster to happen, as the unknown super blasted the door the toys were swarming at in an effort to stop them or contain them. Dan did manage to throw an icewall up around Ozzy later, protecting him once he had his hands on the new evil bear.
Qyxin tried helping with the evil bear originally, telekinetically bringing it towards him at the vehicle, but that plan was 86’ed when the Lightning super fried it and he Stretch Armstrong holding onto it. He then used his TK to fly himself over to the unknown super, nearly getting hit by lightning for his troubles. Having enough of her interference, he went invisible and attacked her from behind. This devastating attack knocked her out, or maybe it was the fall to the ground. Regardless, it did leave her in range of the new evil bear, which had been flung in that direction mere seconds before. Flesh-tearing sounds ensued.
After trying to lift the original bear to Starshine and then taken by Qyxin only to have it destroyed by lightning, Ozzy started to TK-fling toys in the direction of the flying super. This was temporarily curtailed by a bear climbing up and then trying to burrow into his back. If not for Makoto’s intervention, it just might have. The two of them manage to pull it out whilst taking damage themselves, and Ozzy flung this one towards the unknown super as well, noticing after the fact that the pain from Devlin’s mark lessened as he did so. He misses trying to TK-grab it again and then ended up pulling it out of the now unconscious super on the ground. As he moves it towards the van, Devlin pops in for a little mental chit-chat and exchanges the deactivation phrase for the answer to a question. Ozzy brings the toy to himself and utters the phrase in the protection of Dan’s Ice blocks, and all the toys fall down, their mystical strings cut.
Devlin appears to take possession of the bear, but Ozzy asks until the morning at least before being sent on the next errand, as the injured need tending and rest is needed. The worst of the injuries were healed, at least enough to prevent death, except in the case of a single adult, possibly killed by the lightning strike at the store exit. The unknown super is not recognized, but an emblem on her uniform is that of the Colonel’s division— a talk that is not being looked forward to.
Over the course of the night, Devlin appears to Makoto, Starshine and Ozzy. Makoto makes another deal, taking onto himself the physical pain that the mark brings Ozzy. Ozzy gets praised for the “good job” the previous night and again asks to be left alone until morning to recuperate. Starshine does the unthinkable— he invites Devlin to breakfast.
The Carnies are less than thrilled with the breakfast guest, Margarite and Grandfather even more so, having to be dragged away by the Carnies. Devlin takes the time to explain the details on Makoto’s new deal and how even he isn’t sure of what effects were caused by the splitting of the mark between Ozzy and Makoto. He also provides information on the next item to retrieve— a “balancing rock” that changes the alignment of anyone who touches it.
After he leaves, Makoto and Ozzy go to have a conversation with Margarite and Grandfather, figuring they at least need to be kept in the loop as to what’s going on and why, their rationalization for working for Devlin (threats against the carnival, the items need to be contained), things that have been discussed with Devlin (trying to figure out his motives and intentions) and also trying to figure out what the rules are that Devlin follows.



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